The address on this house should be 666

Just when it seemed there was some hope for this country the US House of Representatives passes a $1.1 trillion spending bill to keep their dastardly deeds going until NEXT SEPTEMBER! could someone explain how all these congresspeople can read a 1,603 spending bill and negotiate parts in and out of it. Shoot, I have trouble with a half and half label.

Here is what we get: a bunch of people too inept to work at a real job deciding what fuel we can use, how much extra crap has to be on our cars so it is impossible to achieve arbitrary and unnecessary fuel economy standards that only exist because a billionaire somewhere had a great idea for the least efficient car in the world that needs subsidies just so other billionaires can afford it , not to mention the all important duties of studying things average people can’t even think of to study, sending rockets into space (why), killing thousands of people on the other side of the earth so their surviving friends and relatives will hate our guts and want to kill us so we can spend more money to defend ourselves. I have 1,603 other stupid things they can spend the money on but I realize you don’t have the time to read about them. Oh Lord please don’t let them come up with the money.

Come to think of it, contrary to the bumper sticker, freedom IS free. It looks like a broke government that plays by the same rules we all should play by.


5 responses to “The address on this house should be 666

  1. Regarding the recent mid-term elections and Republican political victories in the last 40-years, what do conservatives have to show for all of these political victories? What is it that pushes the nation leftward even when conservatives win at the ballot box? It is a Republican Party deathly afraid of criticism in the media. While there are conservative enclaves within the major media, they are quite few in number. Also, add-up the beneficiaries of all social programs, and the number now approaches 100 million. They don’t tend to stay committed to folks who will take away what they have come to depend upon. And the gutless Republicans know this and act accordingly. In short, there really is no difference between the two major parties.

    • No kidding. Dad said the conservatives don’t have an argument with liberal policy, they just think they can do it better. What passes for a political spectrum viewed as wide is really quite narrow. Commie Bush had a majority in both houses of congress. He didn’t do anything that present day “conservatives” rhetoric would define as a proper path. Shows ta go ya.

      On Fri, Dec 12, 2014 at 12:04 PM, alternativebyfritz wrote: > >

  2. Neither party is conservative once it is in power, except that they try to conserve their own power. We must pass the ballanced budget amendment (Convention of States) and reform the tax laws (proposed second convention – of course I like the Fair Tax) to limit the taxes that they can collect.
    Maybe Obama’s phone will die and his pen will run out of ink, and maybe congress will cut spending, but Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy will have to be elected first.

    • Not sure about safety of balanced budget. Merely takes politicians off-the-hook and gives them carte blanche to run amok with new or increased taxes. Unless balanced budget also requires a super majority to increase, or legislate new, taxes, than another approach is better. Reform tax laws, yes. And get rid of 90% of regulations and regulatory agencies. A fair Tax is okay, but unless it comes with restrictions on when and how much they can obtain increases in the tax percentage, then it too merely takes legislators off-the-hook.

      It’s a shame that most all of our elected representatives think they have to “do something” when in office. But the “doing” is never to repeal, only to legislate new or increase or broaden what is already there. And the media just cheers them on. I like gridlock, if they’re not going to reduce, eliminate or repeal.

    • I’ll add to Fred’s reply. Only if the balanced budget amendment has a life sentence to be spent in Syria as punishment for violating, will it do any good. There is not an amendment that is adhered to today. What would change that? Also, reform is off the table. The only road to real improvement is to make enough people hate the government that they reject and ignore it. That would mean disrespecting the military and police (the part of government that would touch us when the chips are down). Today, the military and police are loved more than God, himself. That will not be turned around without a real bad scene.

      On Fri, Dec 12, 2014 at 2:46 PM, alternativebyfritz wrote: > >

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