Letter to Iowa Farmer Today

Dear Editor,

On IFT’s Opinion page of November 29 Greg Moore, of Rockwell City, says he will only cooperate with the Dakota to Illinois pipeline when he feels the price suits him. I commend him for having a clear view regarding his rights. Rights are not granted by government, they are bestowed on us upon creation by God. To declare otherwise is a slap in the face of every American who has ever sacrificed in an effort to support this country as a protector of our freedom.

In that spirit, I’d like to see Mr. Moore and others with that clear vision join with taxpayers who are being burdened by programs that violate their property rights. The op-ed on the same page praises crop insurance as if congress designed it to be of no cost to anyone but farmers. If farmers like Mr. Moore were to lobby for elimination of any program that benefits anyone at the expense of anyone else we would be in a position of moral superiority and more likely to thwart these pipelines and powerlines when they seek to take our property without just compensation.

“Just compensation” can only be when two parties agree on the price. Taxpayers never agreed to subsidize crop insurance, unless you think our representatives were given the power to do anything the lobbyists demanded of them.

It is wrong to assume crop insurance will not work without subsidies. Insurance regulates cost when paid by the beneficiaries and increases costs when it is subsidized. Look at the cost of medical care since Medicare and Medicaid were initiated.


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