We went to the Texas Style Jam in Dows tonight. I like that. But when this cop shows up playing a Les Paul doing some blues licks it makes my night. We starve for traditional blues around here. Mostly “shuffle blues” on the radio. This guy said to check out Clapton in Nothing But the Blues on YouTube. This was a related video and has a kinda mellow classy sound. And besides I always liked Crossroads. YouTube and records make a blues fan’s life tolerable.


3 responses to “Crossroads

  1. Jazzed-up version of a Blues tune. Similar to all classical jazz, little (usually no) harmony, no melody, just dissonance. Sorry. Just not for me. But hey! Different opinions are what make horse racing popular.

    • Clapton is a great guy. Well, I thought so of others who were found out, but he, so far, he has a deep respect for history and those who came before. Yet he doesn’t just redo. Joyselyn Elders called him Clapner at a Clinton Event. You might remember her as Clinton’s Surgeon General and before that the head of a program in the Atlanta schools who covered up the fact that the free condoms they were giving away were defective. Maybe it is because I remember Clapton from his days with the Bluesbreakers, but sometimes people who don’t get it right make it a habit. I’ve been called Grossburger before but to me, that’s a good thing. A gross burger would have to be better than a Boca Burger.

      Anyway, I’ll find you some suitable music again someday.

      On Sat, Dec 6, 2014 at 8:37 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


  2. Clapton is one of the most talented and influential guitarists ever. He shows tremendous respect to those who went before, to the roots of blues, which is the root of much of the music of today (the GOOD stuff).

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