They get it but they just don’t get it

Italy, where marijuana is highly (yep) stigmatized, has legalized medical marijuana. A small step for freedom. But they think it will lower costs if the army grows it. Meanwhile, in the USA, at least a third of our medical industry has been socialized for years and costs have risen in response. Italy should learn from history, government is less efficient than the private sector.

Do you want these people to run healthcare?

Is it really conceivable that there would be a Red Dawn style physical attack on the united States? In a country where we can’t even decide if one can smoke in our place of business and we call government officials if there is a bat in the house, there is an increasing possibility of such a weird occurrence. We’d all get nervous and call 911 and they wouldn’t be there. We’d whimper as the Russian invaders came into our houses and took our toasters and first born. We’d say oh well when they forced us to drive electric cars an give up soda (pop).

How about that bang for our buck on the national defense front? Maybe I should just shut up because it isn’t patriotic to criticize our military. Nah. It is patriotic to criticize the military.

Did you hear about this on the national news? To read more and view videos of the incident go here:


What frightened the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea?

| 8 NOVEMBER 2014


This article was first published by Voltairenet in other languages in September 2014.

The State Department acknowledged that the crew of the destroyer USS Donald Cook has been gravely demoralized ever since their vessel was flown over in the Black Sea by a RussianSukhoi-24 (Su-24) fighter jet which carried neither bombs nor missiles but only an electronic warfare device.

The old guy at the junk yard

Dawn called me on the cell phone a couple years ago as she was combining corn. “I’m almost to the end and there’s no corn in the tank.” The chaffer had come loose and fell out the back of the machine and the corn ran out onto the ground the full length of the field. Well, the junk yard at Iowa Falls hadn’t closed yet and I got a used one pretty cheap. An old guy helped me find and load it.

He said he sold his farm for $1500 per acre (might be $10,000 today) so he and his wife could retire. It used to be we could live off the interest through a bank who loaned the money to other customers for a cut. No more.

Michael Brown’s parents…

…. who each have a different last name, are appealing to the UN and the international community to get involved in Ferguson, MO.

Doesn’t this seem a bit ironic. Once upon a time we arrogant Americans thought we had the right to oversee elections in “developing” nations, or instigate “regime change” because we are better. Now the tables are turned. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. The Browns (or whatever) would like the UN to Jimmy Carter us. And well they should. While I have no idea what the facts really are in Ferguson, Nose pokes all around might be a good thing. Maybe it will teach some of us that borders are there to limit influence from outside, kinda like a bathroom door or pair of underwear.

The story is here:

Maybe the “different name” thing needs explanation. Traditional households with a husband and wife filling traditional roles evolved for a reason. The disappearance of the Mr. and Mrs. thing is part of our slide back to barbarism.

Help, Redistributionist!

Frederic Bastiat claimed that in a lawful society suffrage should have no importance. I agree. And accountants should do business plans instead of tax avoidance.

Help, Redistributionist!

With the elections overwith I’d like to take a look at them from a different perspective than the wonkish blather that has polluted the media leading up to this blessed moment of peace. Out here on the farm we are not so bothered with all the noise since we don’t have TV or a landline phone. But it is still inescapable. It is like not ever tuning into top-forty radio, but still singing along to the music loop in stores.

While elections were originally intended to choose someone who would take time off from their work for an occasional trip to Washington, they are now a full-time tool of redistribution.

“Redistributionist” is not recognized by the spell checker in my computer. The word embodies everything that rewards violence and punishes productivity. It is a label that can be put on every member of Congress and it means thief. Since there are so many who benefit from congressional favors, redistributionism is now an accepted fact of life.

Congress-people are often referred to as lawmakers. Since I made such a disparaging remark about them, let’s go on and talk about what they make; laws.

What is the purpose of law? There will always be deviants in society, people whose behavior is unacceptable in the orderly scheme of things. Laws are a way for the people of society to maintain a barrier of protection against those who don’t respect the property of others.

This is important because when we are creative or productive, we do so with the expectation that we benefit from our activity. Without that expectation, we are less likely to create in the first place. There are, of course, times when we do things for the sheer joy, but to be sustainable, our actions must be rewarded.

It is interesting to note that Tom Harkin, to whom we bid a fond farewell, really liked making laws forcing people to do things that he (apparently) thought would not be done voluntarily. Does this mean that only he was kind and charitable and everyone else was selfish and mean?

The purpose of law has been polluted to include anything the democracy (mob rule) desires it to be. Therefore, voting is now how H.L. Mencken described it, “… an advance sale of stolen goods.” Laws are now made to alleviate envy, guide us to a place smarter people desire us to go or be, clean up other peoples’ messes and otherwise fight injustice. (Injustice being the difficult position of providing for ourselves.)

Maybe all this sounds mean-spirited and selfish, but it isn’t. The longer or more holistic view is that when people are rewarded for their efforts they respond by increasing those efforts. This is the key to a productive and prosperous society.

I remember hearing an interview with a libertarian where that libertarian said, “We wouldn’t want to go back to a world where people were dying in the streets.” The interviewer said, “Really, when was that?” The libertarian said, “Exactly.”

Freedom is the shortest path to prosperity. When we hear we need to give a boost to renewable energy, Syrian rebels, cancer research or whatever, remember that those funds have to come at a cost to someone’s freedom. It is silly to think that those causes would not be funded at a point in time when they became a worthy investment. And to make a point, I would not fund the Syrian rebels. I would prefer a cancer cure or an economical energy project.

An economy needs to be guided through billions of personal decisions if we are to make it least wasteful and beneficial to those less able to make their way in the world. It is a terrible waste that Congress has unlawfully hijacked our wealth with the idea they are smarter with money than millions of people acting in their own interest. It is the misdirected spending by people without a direct stake in the outcome that ultimately hurts those who they intend to help.

Necks time, as Ollie would say, consider that poll numbers, strategy and charisma are at the forefront of the news to obscure the fact that it is really all about redistribution of your money. A vote for the one who promises least is ultimately the one who will deliver the most.

Another Cuban

I don’t mean a cigar. Yasiel Puig sorta let the Dodgers down late in the season. But talent should still be a welcome import.

Today is Arturo Sandoval’s 65th birthday. His mentor was Dizzy Gillespie. He became a US citizen in 1999. The song in this video reminds me of the jazz contests the kids played in. It was a popular number to get them interested and enthusiastic. This band is definitely interested and enthusiastic. Arturo is still touring. Look him up and be blessed with some entertainment.