What is an award? In the case of Tony Blair and Barack Obama it is bizarre. Barack for peace and Blair for Global Legacy.

Save the Children, who advocated for the re-election of Amanda Ragan to the Iowa State Senate because she delivered early childhood education (because if we don’t start indoctrinating them early enough they won’t kill and steal for the state in a blind obedience); has now awarded Tony Blair the Global Legacy Award. This, for a man instrumental in the deaths of thousands of Iraqi children.

Save the Children is apparently just another fraud promising to save children because that gets donations to support jobs in their administration. It couldn’t be anything else because if it was saving children they would be calling for war crimes trials instead. Wasn’t it Sally Struthers who begged for cash to help Save the Children save children? I wonder how she would have fit in as one of Tony’s foot soldiers, toting a machine gun or shooting missiles at farmer’s markets?

This example, from Webster’s Dictionary, might explain:  “The war left a legacy of pain and suffering.” But why is Tony smiling?

The story:

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