Letter to Mason City Globe Gazette

Dear Editor,

We have received about ten giant postcards from Washington D.C. from “Save the Children Action Network.” The “action network” part is in tiny print. It is obviously intended to use name recognition from the actual Save the Children charity in England that really does save children.

The postcards thank Amanda Ragan for early childhood education. I’m sure Mrs. Ragan is well- intentioned and a very nice person, but is saving children really what this is all about?

Intact families do not need their children saved. When programs take the place of responsible people, people will become irresponsible in response.

Early childhood education addresses a problem created by big government with more big government.

If Amanda Ragan were really interested in saving children she would advocate use of the Tenth Amendment to nullify federal law that takes away the unborn’s right to choose life and return responsibility to parents for the welfare of their children.

Fritz Groszkruger


2 responses to “Letter to Mason City Globe Gazette

  1. Thanks for writing this Fritz. It mirrors what I thought every time I received one of those flyers. I linked this entry to Jan Mickelsons Facebook page.

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