Anita O’Day’s Birthday

My first day at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1969 included Anita O’Day. If you saw the lineup for the festival you might understand why I forgot (!) her performance.

simplybek: Newport Jazz Festival, 1969. The lineup was ridiculous- Jeff Beck, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, B.B. King, Johnny Winter, John Mayall, Led Zeppelin, Ten Years After, Jethro Tull, Blood Sweat and Tears, Herbie Hancock, Buddy Rich, Dave Brubeck, Jimmy Smith, George Benson… for under ten dollars.

Well. There it is. To me, it beat Woodstock (two weeks later) hands down. But then I saw Hendrix 2 years earlier. In 1957 a fashion photographer shot a documentary about that festival. It is truly a work of art that every music lover should see.

The clip below is from that movie. Thank God the abortionists stayed home on this day in 1919.


3 responses to “Anita O’Day’s Birthday

  1. You have been blessed to be in the right spot at the right time so often, Fritz. The’69 Newport was one of the greatest festival line-ups ever. Anita O’Day was an amazing talent, unfortunately overlooked by many jazz historians.

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