The Affordable Care Act (proof it works)

Let’s not forget the Defense Department. Or do I not know the meaning of words.

Ebola Patient Contacted CDC Before Flight, Agency Says
By NBC 5 Staff

New details are emerging on Amber Vinson’s decision to fly home to DFW even though she was running a fever. The CDC says Vinson contacted the agency to report her symptoms prior to flying.

Wednesday, Oct 15, 2014 • Updated at 10:59 PM CDT
Dallas Ebola patient Amber Vinson contacted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before boarding a commercial flight Monday because she had a slight fever, CDC spokesman David Daigle said.
“Vinson was not told that she could not fly,” the government spokesperson told NBC News.
VIDEOWhat to Know: How Ebola is Spread
Vinson, the second Dallas nurse to fall ill with the virus after treating the first U.S. patient there, was flown to Atlanta for treatment at Emory University Hospital on Wednesday, after being treated in isolation at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.
She was part of the team that treated Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S., at Texas Health Presbyterian before he died there.
Dallas Nurse with Ebola Transported to Atlanta[DFW] Dallas Nurse with Ebola Transported to Atlanta
A Dallas nurse who has Ebola is being transferred to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta for treatment.
Vinson, 29, had been self-monitoring and was reporting her temperature to CDC epidemiology teams routinely.
Daigle said that Vinson called the CDC on Monday before flying from Cleveland back to DFW on Frontier Airlines Flight 1143, and she reported that she had a temperature of 99.5 degrees.
UPDATED2nd Ebola Patient Arrives at Emory Hospital
According to the government spokesperson, when Vinson called in, the staff she talked with looked on the CDC website for guidance. At the time, the category for “uncertain risk” had guidance saying that a person could fly commercially if they did not meet the threshold of a temperature of 100.4.
CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden had said earlier Wednesday on a phone press briefing that Vinson “should not have traveled on a commercial aircraft.”
Ebola Patient Heads to Atlanta for TreatmentEbola Patient Heads to Atlanta for Treatment
Daigle said he believes Frieden said what he said because it should have been common sense to Vinson that she should not fly with a slight temperature.
Copyright Associated Press / NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth


2 responses to “The Affordable Care Act (proof it works)

  1. Let’s not forget the intellectual underachievers who are Obama administration appointments and who manage the various departments critical; to mitigating the Ebola crisis (e.g., CDC, Transportation, Defense, HHS, etc.), It should be quite scary to all Americans that we have an administration in charge of the Ebola threat where actions or initiatives or policy in any matter are always adopted first-and-foremost-and-only with a political outcome consideration. Thus, with Ebola, the politics of outcomes from decisions made will be the only consideration by Obama and his band of America-pillagers, at least until after November 4th.

    The American people won’t obtain the straight story of Ebola dangers from the administration until after the November 4th elections. Only then will we find-out the true threat to the country. Only then will we know how many Americans have been infected, or how many of the several thousand soldiers sent to West Africa have been stricken, and maybe flown home. Only then will flights be cancelled to and from West African Ebola outbreak countries. Only then will passports of arriving passengers from other countries (no matter where) be thoroughly checked to determine if visits were made to Ebola-indigenous countries. Only then will all the stops be pulled away and intensive efforts be made to make American hospitals educated, trained and equipped to recognize and manage the condition of people sick with the virus. Only then will quarantines on individuals or groups be monitored and the people in quarantine prevented from deciding that a quick trip to the 7-11 store would be okay.

    Even after the elections, to think that this administration is going to manage the Ebola crisis is a frightening consideration. One has to only listen to the daffy, asinine statements made by the CDC director and other agency heads to realize that there is definitely a political agenda working here, or that the speech-makers are clueless as to the dangers of this disease. And, of course, one has to also realize that the Obama spokespeople are communicating to a largely dumbed-down American populace – so KISS is the abiding framework of imparting information to the public.

    • I agree that this administration is inept and all you say regarding the relationship of the actions and info divulged to election day can’t be denied either. The only quibble I have is the assumption of exclusivity.

      Go back to any number of disasters or national emergencies and the same scenario takes place. Only low quality people work in government (Sorry teachers, if you feel you are an exception to the rule I’ll grant you that) because the market excludes them from the private sector, that is, employers who must make a profit can’t afford them. I admit, Obombya has taken things to a whole new level but don’t get your hopes up that when he’s gone things will get better. I don’t even remember who was president when the Forest Service told a contractor on a fire to haul a load of sleeping bags out and burn them so their budget wouldn’t be cut due to not using up available funds. Then there is the load of ice that was hauled from Freemont, Nebraska to the outskirts of New Orleans and all over the place only to return to Freemont. Obombya had nothing to do with that.

      The Constitution does not grant the powers to government to do these ridiculous things, therein lies to problem. Government shouldn’t be involved. A private insurance system would deal with it to preserve their capital in the same way they issued guidelines for our wood-stove installation.

      Defending the border would qualify. “The administration” is certainly failing there, eh?

      On Thu, Oct 16, 2014 at 10:25 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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