Another reason the state is not your friend

On Jan Mickelson’s radio show yesterday was a lawyer for a pair of poker players who were stopped by the Iowa State Patrol. The two didn’t know the exact responses to say in order to finish the harassment. The gist of the story is the cops stole $100,000 and it took thousands in lawyer and legal fees to get 90% of it back.

On Jan’s show it was pointed out that most of these suspicious stops were on west-bound vehicles, indicating they were after cash, not dope. The dope goes east, the cash goes west. Most stops are of out-of-state vehicles despite the large percentage of local traffic.

This show brought to mind my question of the Wall Street Journal: Whatever happened to the pages you used to publish with lists of federal asset forfeitures? I suspect The Journal supports unlimited government at home as well as (their extreme) positions advocating US military domination of the world. Their reputation as a conservative publication is undeserved, unless the new definition of conservative is used; liberal spelled conservative.


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