Shopco and Target bomb Walmart!

Mason City, Iowa-

A coalition of good retailers teamed up to destroy millions of dollars worth of merchandise at, bad retailer, Walmart. Workers were warned to leave their employer before the attack. Oh wait! That was Saudi Arabia, the good beheader, bombing ISIS, the bad beheader. If you can’t make a better product at a lower price, eliminate the competition.

Sorry for the confusion.

One response to “Shopco and Target bomb Walmart!

  1. And thwart any possibility of a military (aka, Islamic fundamentalist) challenge to the Royal Family’s control. But then, Saudi Arabia is the third or fourth biggest spender in the world vis-a-vis its military and armaments. I would think it could take care of itself. I also thought Saudi Arabia was helping to fund ISIS in Syria against al-Assad. No? Guess our erstwhile “conservative” media political pundits got it wrong again??!!

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