400,000 Watermelons

We finished off a delicious seedless watermelon today. Paula, the fruit expert at Fareway, says that may be the last of them for the season. So sad. And yet the seasons are what make Iowa such a great place to live. The prairie’s grass grew and froze for thousands of years. The soil life mixed the dead foliage with the minerals left by glaciers to produce an ideal environment for plants to turn solar energy into sustenance for animals and humans. A chaotic system not regulated by anything we can see, almost like a series of miraculous accidents. No. I do not think God is ruling things like puppets. Like a good employer he unleashes the energy inherent with matter to create life.

How could anyone be so bold as to disrespect the work of a force so beyond genius. But it happens all the time. In the name of “God’s chosen people,” Allah, climate change!

Climate change. Watermelons. So closely related. This day brought marches, worldwide, of well meaning disciples of a false god. A cause to fill a void in the lives of watermelons. I heard there were 400,000 marching at The People’s Climate March in New York (The People’s. no kidding). Totally unbelievable (just kidding) that so many people could fall for such rubbish. Not a one of them would admit to hating poor people and wanting them to freeze this winter or starve  because the energy to grow and transport food has become too expensive for it to be delivered within access of their intake cavities.

I can’t help but think of those newsreels of Germans grinning with admiration as Hitler passed by in a parade. Their lives were empty. The terms of Germany’s surrender after WWI had left the country with no hope of returning to to a solvent monetary situation. The Jews were a convenient scapegoat, as capitalism is today. The watermelons. A crisis situation. Drastic measures needed. You look at Leonardo DiCraprio, All Gore, and the rest. All taken in by the same thing totalitarians have promised in the past: management of the unmanageable. The result will be the same.

Watermelon = red on the inside, green on the outside. Do you suppose the tens of thousands of people murdered by communists died for a good cause to fight overpopulation in a world that will be unable to feed everyone because of these climate change fools?

Here is a video of managing the unmanageable:    

And a link to an alternative opinion on climate change: http://drtimball.com/

3 responses to “400,000 Watermelons

  1. Anthropogenic climate change is a euphemism for government crony capitalism. I’ll support your pseudo climate science studies and computer game designs that are presented as scientific climate forecasts provided that you return at least 50% of the funds given to you back to my campaign. Is there climate change? You betcha! It’s called “weather.”

    Reason Magazine actually asked climate protesters what they want to do, and here are a few of the more intelligent responses:

    By: Noah Rothman, September 22, 2014

    Those in politics who spend much of their time railing about the dangers associated with anthropogenic climate change will often assert that the public largely shares their concerns about catastrophic climate shifts. You rarely hear from those oft-cited members of the public who are supposedly alarmed by climate change alarmism. Reason Magazine’s Kmele Foster, co-host of Fox Business Network’s The Independents, revealed why that is when he took to the People’s Climate March in New York City this weekend armed with a camera and a microphone.

    Unsurprisingly, the People’s March more resembled a throwback anti-capitalism protest than it did a climate rally. When Foster asked random protesters what they wanted to see done to address climate change, those who did not merely say they wanted to see a “coming together” and a general raising of “awareness” usually promoted familiar policies that would achieve the de-industrialization of the first world originally espoused by the Soviets and their allies.

    One protester said his “movement” was preparing to mount a “resistance” and lead an “actual revolution” that would lead to a “whole new society.” Sounds familiar. What kind of new society, Foster pressed. A “socialist” one, the protester replied.

    One relatively older rally attendee – most of the protesters Foster spoke with were silver-haired – insisted that hydraulic fracturing, a process which was proven safe again at the conclusion of a study funded by National Science Foundation and Duke University study, should be criminalized.

    “Capitalism destroys the planet,” one large banner promoted by representatives with RevCom.us read. “We need revolution. Nothing less!”

    “We live in a grotesque era where we have everything we want right now,” one protester told Foster, graciously packaging her entire movement up in one self-hating nutshell.

    There appear to be two strains of protesters who attended the People’s March. Some cling desperately to the ideals of Marx and who repeat rhetoric and slogans which have largely remained unchanged since the Rutherford B. Hayes administration. These folks ironically consider themselves “progressives.” The other strain of protester who spoke with Foster seemed lost, misplaced, left behind in a world which no longer made much sense.

    It is a condition as old as time; the aimless in search of personal meaning complement the ranks of a movement which promises personal purpose. The revolution is over, but the tragically committed revolutionaries persist.

    What Foster uncovered in New York City was what so many on the right have known for years, but the public rarely sees. The modern climate alarmism movement has been hijacked by the remnants of those who still adhere to the defunct tenets of revolutionary Marxism. It is no wonder, then, that so few climate change devotees in government and the media go out of their way to make sure you never hear from their grassroots supporters.

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