Mor-on Baseball

Still on the baseball kick. Although with no TV and being out here on the prairie it is hard to follow it closely, the Giants/Dodgers race to the playoffs is invigorating. I’ve surfed around and read some on the rivalry and never remember this story on Juan Marichal clubbing Dodger catcher, John Roseboro, with a bat.  Roseboro was having Koufax go high and inside to Marichal, who was pitching for the Giants. Roseboro had trouble with Sandy, as he  was a bit too much of a gentleman to do anymore than try to scare Marichal.

My dad told me about taking me to a Dodger game and seeing Koufax throw a no-hitter. I was young and bored by it. In the first game of the Series following the clubbing incident, Koufax refused to pitch because it was Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday.  The Dodger went on to beat the Twins for the championship anyway.

Here is a short story on the Marichal/Roseboro incident:

Good thing they don’t use bats in the NFL, eh?


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