Streets of Bakersfield

Hans, our oldest kid, will ride from LA to Bakersfield this weekend, on his bike. He’s done a hundred mile ride on each of the last three weekends. His mom wishes he would quit tempting fate riding in LA traffic. Then what, a stationary bike and a TV screen? When I rode My $75 Gitane in Oakland I could get anywhere faster than a car.

Once, the choice was move into traffic or slip behind a bus that pulled out in front of me. I chose the slip and hit the back of a parked car doing about 30 mph. The bus company paid for the bike repair, I healed after a long walk home carrying my bike and the people at the bus stop looked the other way as I climbed to my feet 10 feet in front of that car. Apparently they thought the rich people should pay taxes to help an injured cyclist off the pavement.

Here is a link to Hans’ blog which shows some of where he rides:


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