Is secession so bad?

Scottland has polls showing about half will vote to secede. Three major political opponents are missing important meetings to go and try to convince the Scots to stay under the UK thumb.

What is the purpose of a nation, anyway? To enrich the politically connected? The evidence points that way constantly. Why else would these so-called opponents drop everything and travel on this mission?

I’ve been thinking of this a lot lately. For a tiny instant it was suggested that Iowa secede. Hahahaha. Pigs must run out of milk before they wean themselves.

What would have been the results of The South seceding successfully from the United States?  Slavery yet today? Hahaha. Mostly, more people, huh? What if Eastern Ukraine was allowed to peacefully secede from Ukraine? Why is this idea absent from public discussion? To keep families intact? More laughter.

I think nations were conceived to enforce cultural mores of like minded people. Now a nation is used to enslave people to mores that don’t suit them but have become essential to the wealth of the political class. There are victims to laws that preserve a union. And like laws that protect no victim, it is victims they create.


One response to “Is secession so bad?

  1. I wonder what role immigration plays in the desire by half of Scotland to secede from the UK? Scotland has a lower fertility rate than England or that of all of the UK (1.75 vs. 1.90). Clearly, the Scottish aren’t breeding and the only reason it’s as high as it is has to do with higher birth rates for immigrants (e.g., Libya immigrants). Perhaps Scotland wants to decide on its own if they want to eventually become, via immigration and inbreeding of those Muslim immigrants, an Islamic country.

    Also, the media hailed as a great victory the secession of Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries from Russia. But now it is sacrilege to think that Eastern Ukraine might want to secede from Ukraine and rejoin Mother Russia.

    You are so right in concluding that these anti-secession positions are strictly driven by politics, and mostly by only the self-serving concerns of individual politicians.

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