Where have all the stupid people gone?

Four major Casino hotels will close in Atlantic City this year. Does this mean people are wising up or just broke?




4 responses to “Where have all the stupid people gone?

  1. All the “stupid” people looking for entertainment visited the competition. Atlantic City couldn’t compete (ever been there?) with the many other casinos springing-up everywhere, from rural New York to the suburbs of Philadelphia. Atlantic City’s former monopoly position for East Coast gambling had been steadily eroding for years.

    And once you walked a block off the boardwalk where the casino entrances are located, Atlantic City is the pits. Mostly slum-type dwellings, incredibly run-down with few small businesses, the area surrounding the couple of blocks of casinos is pretty much a ghetto of poverty, with drug-ridden dwellers.

    Besides that, you being a libertarian, if people want to be “stupid” by being entertained at gambling games, why not? As long as no one else is hurt . . . What’s the difference in losing a few hundred dollars at Blackjack or craps versus spending several hundred dollars to have dinner in New York and see a Broadway show? Or maybe take the family to a movie and dinner after — another “stupid” extravagance? All are simply forms of entertainment.

    • I admit you are right, along with every other conceivable human activity that doesn’t involve a victim.

      Back in my logging days there was a loader operator who ran a crap game in the motel room on Friday nights. Every new guy would lose his first paycheck to that guy. Taught me a lesson.

      In Iowa we have a state run lotto and casinos are the only public buildings where you can legally smoke.

      On Thu, Sep 4, 2014 at 9:53 PM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


      • I lived in Las Vegas for almost three years (actually, my residence was there and my wife lived there with my mother, as I was working in North Carolina at the time – a hell of a commute). Anyway, when you live there and are surrounded by the availability of gambling, and you know you can go and gamble anytime you like, one tends to not go at all, except when visitors come to enjoy Las Vegas and your home is free to them.

        Most casinos in Las Vegas still allow smoking. Too bad. That’s the bane of staying any duration to gamble (aka, be entertained) in one of them. The odor is quite off-putting.

      • At least they are free to do as they please. I still like the smell when outside, but even when I smoked stale smokey places stunk. When I went to Vegas I went for the cheap meals and drinks and didn’t gamble. I guess I was ripping them off in a way.

        On Fri, Sep 5, 2014 at 9:01 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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