Did anyone notice the headlines about the 9 year old girl losing control of the Uzi. They did not say: Girl Accidentally Shoots Instructor, for example. They said: Shooting Rekindles Discussion On Gun Laws. Huh. What about the girl, the instructor and the families involved. How soon we forget what is important.

One response to “Uzi

  1. Read my just-sent post regarding reporting out of Israel that is a quite good and valid example of how our reality is determined and shaped by a biased news media and entertainment industry. This UZI tragedy is a good example of the news media spinning the story to suit a contrived narrative – and you will find that all major news sources will be hawking the same fictional version. The Ferguson, MO. and Trayvon Martin situations are more examples of the media structuring the news to support a viewpoint. The range instructor involved in the situation about which you write, and who was killed, was derelict in his duty, as can be seen from the video of the sad event.

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