socking it to Russia

Rotten Peaches indicate another great victory for the EU and US. Sanctions on Russia for their mythical invasion of Ukraine are proving to hurt everyone but. The story I link to here is drawn out of a huge hat full of unintended consequences.

Greece has had some problems in the last few years with promises impossible to keep, such as pensions built on inflation, then disappointment, then anger. So just to twist the knife, how about making it impossible to sell products that you’ve grown on land you saved all your life to pay for, that you gave up family picnics to pick, and missed meals to care for?  

Evidence is growing that if we could just find useful work for the top officials in our country, instead of letting them do what they do, everyone would be happy. (Unless harassing people is some sort of nutrient)

A quick look at history would reveal secession’s only drawback might be over population.

One response to “socking it to Russia

  1. The false narrative upon the justification for sanctions is built always seems to result in the quite unintended consequence of the country implementing the sanctions being viewed by the citizens of the victim country as the evil entity. It will be the capricious and groundless sanctions policy of the United States and inflicted on Russia that will be viewed as the wrongdoer in this case. Similar to the Iran sanctions, these types of disciplines imposed on a country by others tend to galvanize the citizenry of the victim country, generating a sense of nationalism that may not have existed in the pre-sanction era. Contrary to the popular meme oft-articulated by the Neocons and their media supporters, the people in Iran have a quite favorable and supportive viewpoint toward their government. This type of unintended consequence will now occur in Russia and among those EU countries impacted by Russia’s push-back.

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