Cassette tape

Dawn and I had this Osborne Brothers cassette tape before we got married 35 years ago. They also do the Bill Monroe hit, Footprints in the Snow:

We had a little discussion at our house about Curt Cobain and Nirvana’s version of this song. I think it might have a different title. I couldn’t understand the words. I guess I’m pretty weird. I surf on the radio from All Iowa Country (KWMT) to Rock 108 (KFMW). And pretty much skip WHO and the talk shows there. I don’t have to hear the same thing a million times to know what they are saying… which is kill, kill, kill. Kill for the Lord. My word, but I love American music. It is so counter to what these Americans stand for.

I never thought I’d praise democracy. But a large percentage of Americans feel we have no national interest in other countries’ conflicts, according to an article by the founder of the Pew Research Center in Tuesday’s War Street Journal. These Americans apparently feel they have families to support, jobs to do and other things that are none of our business, that are more important than the constant screwing up of the world that has become a very bad habit of the, way too influential, respected elite.

One of those important things would be listening to the Osborne Brothers again.

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