United Nations

I see the United Nations as a re-distributive world government. Re-distribution is an intrusion in the free will of individuals and distorts a chaotic, yet efficient system of resource distribution. (That, of course, depends on a mechanism to limit force and fraud.)

Because the United Nations disturbs an efficient system, wealth creation is limited and those least likely to compensate are hurt the most (poor and retired).

There is an inconsistency I’d like to point out. Common Core education standards and the formation of Israel on Palestinian soil both were United Nations programs.

How consistent is it to support one and not the other?


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  1. Sorry, but I don’t believe there ever existed “Palestine soil,” or a sovereign nation known as Palestine. When Israel was granted sovereign control over the area in 1948, there was no Arab or Palestinian state there. At that time, Gaza was under Egyptian control and the West Bank was controlled by Jordan — no Palestine existed. When Israel obtained Gaza and the West Bank in the 1967 Arab war, no Palestine was mentioned or designated. The area occupied by Israel and so-called “Palestinian Arabs” has been held, or controlled, over the centuries by Turks, Macedonians, Romans, Syrians, Sumerians, Egyptians, etc. — but no “Palestinians.” “Palestinian Arabs” is a construct of a diverse array of ethnic peoples that was developed following the Israel-Arab war in 1967. Today, much of the Gaza population consists of refugees from the violence in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Lebanon. When was, and who designated, the existence of a Palestinian sovereign nation?

    I don’t agree with the narrative proselytized by the Neocon media and talking heads that Israel is the only victim in this battle for Gaza. The Middle East conflict between Israel and Islamic countries/areas is a never-ending battle that will never have a clear and durable winner, and I am happy to see the Obama administration staying out of the situation, though I don’t support Obama’s reasons for keeping the U.S. at a distance from any involvement. But Israel was granted control of their nation by the U.N. and with British support (because Britain controlled the area). No “official” designation has ever been initiated that grants the so-called “Arab Palestinians” a sovereign nation of their own — in part, I suspect, because no one can truly and clearly define what, exactly, is a Palestinian Arab.

    Signed: A soldier in the Republican war on women.

    • Palestine, as a geographic region with a distinct population has been noted by historians since at least the 1800’s and was known as Palestine until the establishment of the nation of Israel. It was never recognized as a sovereign nation by the USA (nor by most of our allies).
      But there was a distinct place (recognized boundaries) with a distinct population. The area of land has been known as Palestine for centuries.

      • Whatever the history, for people who claim to be so spiritual, they sure seem preoccupied with land. I’ve thought for a long time the Jews could have Beverly Hills or New York City and they’d be done fighting off crazy people… like themselves. They, at least seem more reasonable than the Muslims so I’d prefer an enclave of Jews to an enclave of Muslims anyway. A barren desert? A crime ridden city or a snooty shopping district, either would be better than the place they fight over.

        On Sun, Aug 3, 2014 at 8:40 PM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


      • My point was that (and I failed at making that point) this is not a territorial fight for control of geography. This is an ongoing religious ideology battle that’s been raging since the 7th century when the Jews conspired to run Mohammad out of Mecca and even attempted to have him killed. They aren’t fighting, literally, over a patch of arid geography in a desert. The conflict over borders and who controls what geography is a symbol only, a useful device, a self-employed designation that the rest of the world will more readily accept than wars driven by a foundation, or justification, based on religious ideology.

        By the way, can you define that “distinct population” that resides in the manufactured land of Palestine? I believe the so-called “Palestinian Arabs” consist of about 20+ different ethnic groups. There is no distinct Palestinian ethnicity, I don’t believe.

        Finally, I could declare the two acres I own in Carefree, Arizona as a sovereign nation. But unless there is recognition of that declaration as a legitimate territory with a government, it is a meaningless act. The fact that a small minority of countries, maybe only groups within countries, claim that there has always been a sovereign nation of Palestine does not make it so.

      • Wow, this musta been discussed in school while I was looking out the window. (About anytime):

        “This is an ongoing religious ideology battle that’s been raging since the 7th century when the Jews conspired to run Mohammad out of Mecca and even attempted to have him killed.”

        Of course, God’s chosen people have a written excuse from their father.

        On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 8:44 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


  2. I am not suggesting that there was a sovereign nation of Palestine, just that there was geographical region with a known population base. This was in a time of colonialism and mandated lands (lands controlled by major powers in the world and recognized by the other major powers, with no concern for the self-determination of residents of the mandated lands).. In other places where Britain surrendered their colonial and mandate claims governments were established by the existing populations and those governments were subsequently recognized by other nations. In the case of this geography the land was given to a third party, European Jews, whose only claim to the land was religious in nature. What is going on has been and will continue to be a religious war, as the claim to the land (by at least one of the warring parties, perhaps both) is religious in nature…

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