Lucas Wooge

Talked to Lucas Wooge tonight. He bought 19 of our fine young cows. We sold them to lighten our load as I had hurt my back and my knee was pretty screwed-up. BTW, my back is better and my knee is too, though far from good.

Lucas is a young father of 6 kids, two to eleven. He says the cows are doing their job well, without human interference.

It might seem odd, but we are glad the sun was out and Lucas made it to the sale barn that day with only one competing bidder. We loved those girls, who we raised from newborns and it warms our hearts to see them helping a young farmer.

Lucas mentioned that not many people want to do what he (and we) are doing. I think that has more to do with the dwindling of the nation’s cow herd than it is given credit for. We can’t wait for better conditions to do our work. Rain or shine, cows that need attention, get it. Or the farmer goes broke.

Government schools and the parents taken in by the propaganda convince kids college is the only option and hard work will be for someone else if only they get good grades and go to college. I pity them for never having earned the rewards of caring for animals for profit.


One response to “Lucas Wooge

  1. I wa raised in the suburbs, but spent every summer down in “the country” (Adams County, Ohio) staying with aunts and uncles and helping out on the farms. My uncle, Carlos, had dairy cattle. I got to bring them in from grazing, at times searching for the reluctant stray who had gone into the woods or down to the Ohio River. I was taught how to milk a cow. We enjoyed whole milk with our meals without issues. I learned to appreciate family farms and manual labor as a result of those summers. .

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