Sonny Boy

with Matt Murphy on Guitar and, of course, Otis Spann on piano.

Something to listen to while contemplating which Islamic extremists should we ally with.
The obvious answer is the one that controls the government because in the US these days government is god. Very sad.

So just be happy and use your teeth on some healthy food while grooving to Sonny Boy Williamson.


One response to “Sonny Boy

  1. It is nothing new. The U. S. Government has a long history of supporting rulers and regimes that were unpopular, even despotic. The Shah of Iran, Marcos in the Philippines, Carlos Castillo Armas in Guatemala, and many others, point to our policy of “protecting and promoting U. S. interests” in other nations.. Our government was even involved, through the CIA, in placing some of the dictators in power. The story of William Walker, a U. S. businessman who seized control of Nicaragua and was officially recognized as the legitimate government in that nation by our government, is a repressed but cautionary tale about the abuse of U. S. power and influence. Our leaders (too) often support the wrong people and our reputation and standing in those regions suffer for years. We are not popular in Latin America and have not been since the Walker incident.
    In Iraq we will support the group that seems to control the oil revenues and promises access to those revenues to U. S. oil companies. That group and the Yankee businessmen will repress and exploit the populace until there is yet another rebellion. And the horrid history will continue.

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