Ferdinand the bull

8 days ago I found a bull calf trying to suck any cow he could find but none would have him. This happens sometimes. A heifer will calve and not accept the baby. 

Since we have the cows and heifers on the river bottom pasture we could not easily pen them close so the calf could win out. And we couldn’t tell who the mom was. He turned out to be the most vigorous bottle calf we’ve ever had. Dawn called Oliver in LA and asked him for a name. Ferdinand.

What a great childrens’ book. Ferdinand refused to fight in the bull ring. The Neo-cons were extremely upset.

Our Ferdinand brought $625 at the Waverly Sale today, an outrageous price. But he was precious to us. He and Wally followed Dawn around like a couple of dogs

The sale barn continues to impress me. An economics nerd loves to see price discovery in action. It should make the world work. Too many would rather use theft. 


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