Iraq fixed forever by US benevolence

The news today is that Iran is sending troops to assist the government we installed in Iraq in fighting Sunni insurgents battling the government that replaced the dictator, Saddam Hussein, who was a bad man who gassed his own people while presiding over a country that was relatively safe for Christians and had women in high positions in academia and government and business. The role of the US military in Iraq was to create more terrorists to enrich the security state/business while doing a little to fight the threat of overpopulation.

Fred has been right all along. Leave the Muslims alone and they will destroy each other. 


One response to “Iraq fixed forever by US benevolence

  1. Your reference to our forcing Saddam Huessein out when his dictatorship was quite secular also applies to Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Al-Assad also provided a relatively safe environment for Jews and Christians, and included women in almost all elements of the society. But this is Obama’s way. It seems that he wants to send the Middle East into a state of perpetual chaos. His brief, but brief, but subversive war against Libya, his support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, his arming and support of the rebels in Syria, his refusal to deal in any manner with al-Qaeda in Iraq, etc. all point to an effort to incite discord and pandemonium in the Middle East. Why would he want to do this? Is it just because he doesn’t want to have to be bothered with decisions of state that would emerge if the U.S. became involved in the affairs of these countries? Like his Cloward-Piven strategy to bring America down, does Obama believe that sowing chaos in the Middle East will create an advantage to non-Muslim states?

    And incidentally,m America supplied Huessein with his chemical weapons and cheered him on when he was using them quite frequently against the Iranians in that 8-year war. It is interesting to note that Iran never retaliated with its own use of chemical weaponry, even though they could have easily acquired them. Why? Because the Ayatollah believed the use of weapons of mass destruction was forbidden by the Qur’an. So too does Ayatollah Khamenei believe that developing or using nuclear weapons is also against the Qur’an, and is outlawed by their constitution. In fact, Khamenei has issued a fatwa against the development and use of nuclear weapons. Iran is also a pretty secular nation, as far as Islamic countries go, with Christian tolerated and women given positions in government, the sciences, business, and university teaching. I am not an apologist for Islamic dogma or for the actions of many of them, but Iran is not our primary enemy. Our primary enemy resides in this country and is destroying America from within.

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