Minimum wage

Seattle has passed a $15 minimum wage. If you are not worth $15 but are willing to travel, go to Seattle.

Maybe in a couple years they will have armoured tour busses there in a sort of Idiocracy theme park.

Economic development agencies from around the country are hurredly composing recruitment letters for Seattle businesses who would rather move than go belly-up.

Land of the free? Think again. 


One response to “Minimum wage

  1. More like armored tour buses leaving, as all the entry-level, unskilled jobs will be reduced from today’s availability by about 80%+. Seattle will become the technology revolution capital, insofar as self-serve, automated kiosks,restaurant service and many other jobs where no or minimal talents/skills (like just showing-up every workday and on-time) are required. Once again, good intentions don’t equate to good outcomes and the emotionally self-serving, progressive do-gooders have outsmarted themselves.

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