Swing for Fred!


Just couldn’t help it. If I go to heaven I don’t want Ed Fallon’s ex-wife playing a harp. I want Hampton and Goodman tripping out like this.

Fred. Dawn and I took a vote. Your contributions are essential. I’ll look for an aria.

5 responses to “Swing for Fred!

  1. Enjoyed the “Moonglow,” not so much the “The Ding-Dong Daddy” “noise.” The latter brings to mind a long-forgotten film title wherein one of the characters (also long-forgotten) refers to a certain type of music with the critical comment of, “But you can’t dance to it!” That’s one of my views of classical jazz. Good you want these guys playing for you as you enter the “pearly gates;” as I will know they are otherwise occupied and I will pick another entry door, er, I mean, pearly gate through which, possibly, Elvis will be performing “My Way.”

    • Right. The pharmaceutical Elvis. His early stuff was, by far, the best. Later, he just went pop to finance bad habits. Like most who hit the big time, his first efforts were a culmination of 20 years of life experience. Next came a year or so stretched over one record. Ironically, The Stones made some of the best American classical music on their first album, Englands Newest Hitmakers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OirtFgnyW0

  2. I like to imagine musical creativity continuing in heaven without the restrictions and limitations so prevalent in this world. Think of all the musical greats joining together to jam: Bach sitting in on Hammond B-3 with Duke Ellington’s orchestra; Hank Williams singing a duet with Elvis, or maybe a trio adding Frank Sinatra to the mix; Stevie Ray Vaughn cutting heads with Django, Segovia, Chet Atkins, and Les Paul.
    I don’t know who is going to be there when I get there (I’ll leave that up to God),, but I do hope there are lots of the world’s great musicians, and that they allow me to sit at their feet and learn and eventually join the jam..

    • If Sinatra sings “My Way,” then I think you’ve hit on something magic. But be careful about that for which you wish. I understand that the regulations and rules in Heaven are more strict than those in Obama’s America.

  3. Frederick John, I am a pastor of two churches of a very theologically conservative denomination (Southern Baptist Convention). I decided long ago to let God be God. As such he is responsible for who does and does not get into heaven. I have no idea which of the musicians I mentioned will be there. But i can still imagine my “dream” jams.

    My major concern is getting to heaven myself. And inviting as many people as I can to join me in that journey.

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