Planting soybeans

Had a good day planting beans today. Should get done tomorrow in time for rain on  Saturday. Although after a wet week predicted last week and just enough rain to stick the dust to the window I’ll believe it when I feel it.

The conservative pundits were on the radio claiming to be shocked that non-profit government hospitals were not well run and even allowed veterans to die as they awaited treatment. Shocked.

First of all, I should be shocked that they are shocked at this. But I’m used to it. A dictionary example of the word hollow should include these guys’ rhetoric on the evils of big government. As my dad used to say, “conservatives don’t believe in limited government, they only think they can do government better.”

Which leads us to point number two. If the demand exceeds the supply, (Sam Kinison voice) REDUCE THE DEMAND. In words even Rick Santorum might understand, Soldiers not involved in warfare don’t get hurt as often. Empty VA hospitals wouldn’t have anyone to abuse or ignore.

On another note: President Obombya thinks international organizations such as NATO and the IMF should take over ther United States’ role as world policeman. That would work fine, as long as the United States removes itself from those organizations


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