Pretty busy here so passing this on from Jazzonthetube.com. They’ve supplied me with several of these choice videos.


5 responses to “T-Bone

  1. Every time you post one of these classical jazz videos, I understand why there are chocolate and vanilla flavors and why people bet on horse races. To my delicate and cultured ears, this is nothing more than auditory dissonance, a cacophony of sounds that is no more than noise, an assault to the mechanisms of my hearing. Give me swing tunes, a symphony, an aria, early rock-and-roll sounds, even a Broadway show tune anytime versus these meandering and arbitrary sounds. Sorry, but your choice of alleged melodious sounds in no way convey to me that I am hearing music. To my hearing, this is sort of like RAP – non-music, just sounds of clamor and turbulence.

  2. T-Bone is one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.

    I don’t know what video Frederick John watched. This is marvelously melodic music, but like he said, “chocolate and vanilla”. We have different tastes.

    Jazz and blues are uniquely American contributions to music. They are culturally and historically significant contributions that have influenced the music that has followed throughout the world.

    • “Jazz and blues are uniquely American contributions to music.”

      So were nuclear weapons a unique contribution to human-devised methods of destruction.

      Because Jazz originated in America, does that mean I, ispo-facto, have to embrace an appreciation for this form of audible intonation? I attest to being entertained by good tunes/music, but not by the cacophony of classical jazz. It is just noise to me. Sorry . . . but I will consider that part of heaven to be illicit and out-of-bounds for me. But you should enjoy it to its fullest.

  3. I certainly hope to enjoy all that heaven has to offer, but I fully trust that God will provide all that is needed to make heaven unbelievably wonderful for all the residents, even if that means lots of space to get away from that which isn’t our personal enjoyment.

    If much/most of what is currently on major, commercial radio is present, i will prefer to utilize the space to distance myself from it..

  4. I spend a fair amount of time with public radio to and prefer KWMY to it much of the time. KUNI gets pretty good after ten, when I should be in bed our I’d wake up Dawnie if played at a proper level.

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