Letter to Farm News.

This should be self explanitory but here is a link to the article I’m resonding to: http://farm-news.com/page/content.detail/id/520117/DAVID-KRUSE.html?nav=5038.

Dear Editor,


David Kruse (May 23 Farm News) is correct when he states, “Trade makes us stronger.” But when he goes on to equate isolationist and non-interventionist he couldn’t be more wrong.


Trade agreements do not promote free trade, they regulate trade. Regulation is the opposite of freedom. Free trade would require no government intervention. So-called free trade agreements are always used by well-connected industries to curry favors at their competitor’s expense.


Our government political and trade policies are both interventionist in that they restrict us from free association with others, by turning otherwise peaceful relationships into war-like ones where government negotiates for private citizens who should be free to deal with anyone without interference.


Government trade negotiators are simply unnecessary middlemen increasing costs for consumers.


Remember Jimmy Carter’s grain embargo against Russia in 1980? That was interventionism and isolationism, causing a depression in farm country.


We should reject interventionism and isolationism by getting government out of trade and agricultural policy altogether.



Love, Fritz

2 responses to “Letter to Farm News.

  1. Thank you for the link to the original article/comment. It helps, as similar to the Hampton Chronicle, I am not a subscriber to Farm News.

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