Darn bad back

It hurts to sit, feels fine to work. Ha! Whatever I’m being influenced by could cure the world’s problems, eh?

I will reiterate how impressed I was with the workings of the Waverly Sale Barn where teamwork, from moving animals quietly and gently, the ladies in the lunchroom with their styled football helmet hairdoos brought my delicious chicken fried steak with a smile and a check awaited at the desk as we walked away from ten years of dedicated nurturing, passing it on to Lucas and the unidentified other buyer. We were free to outbid but accepted the price without outside influence.

Price discovery is a term I never heard in school. I don’t know that it is a conspiracy. Schools are run by unions. They have no incentive to expose a system where both parties agree to a price voluntarily. There doesn’t need to be economics classes in school. The kids should go to the sale barn instead. So they can learn something.

Thank you, Ron Dean, for your service.


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