Public prayer

What a contrast. Lame brain conservatives revel at the Supreme Court decision allowing public prayer before public meetings. While nary a whimper at the continued National Defense Authorization Act being allowed to stand, allowing our sacred government officials to throw citizens into a military prison without charges or trial indefinately.

Seems to me that people who have such a great relationship with God shouldn’t need to reinforce it with public displays. And to go a bit further, they should be first to stand up for the right of anyone to remain free until due process proves him otherwise.

The public prayer decision might be a big deal to those who need to prove their righteousness. But isnt it a bit trivial compared to the gulagism approved by the Supremes; especially at a time when anti- Russian rhetoric is at a fever pitch.  


4 responses to “Public prayer

  1. Agreed. Too many folks have a ranking of priorities that border on the foolish and absurd. But insert “prayer” or “God” into the headline regarding something like the National Defense Authorization Act and watch the hue and cry from those same conservatives. Cast any controversial subject in am anti-religious framework and these righteous folks might pay some attention to the elements that are genuinely important and that could lead to denials of individual liberties.

  2. I’m with you. I personally get a real jolly when that same defense for public displays of religious allegiance ends up biting back. The state of Oklahoma opened the door by placing a statue of the Ten Commandments on public property, and now the Satanic Temple is stepping inside with this classy monument to Baphomet, the angel of the Bottomless Pit. It’s essential that the government doesn’t express a preference when it comes to religion if we want to live in a free society. Whether they get to place the monument or not, it’s a win for liberty.

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