The two people who read this are much appreciated and so I appologize for the lousy post last night. The excuse I have is that a soil amendment I bought turned out to (possibly) be incompatible with the fertilizer I was going to mix it with and I tried to limp home with the white truck (“68 Chevy tonner) with an overheated engine and probably finished it off. My dear stepmother gave us the truck and it has served us well. I’ll update so you aren’t left hanging (ah, there’s another alternative to chemical cocktails).

In the news, Condoleezza Rice has backed out of a speaking engagement at Rutgers’ commencement in response to protests over her role in the invasion of Iraq. Both parties are evil. She should have a chance to appologize for helping with the decision to cause up to one million Iraqi deaths and almost 5,000 Americans, a new proliferation area for Al qaeda, and the conversion of one of the last Arab secular states to radical Muslimism. The building precedent of going to war on the belief a hostile country has weapons of mass destruction, murders its own people and so-forth justifies agression on a whim and shows a lack of understanding of what government or law should serve.

The student protesters at Rutgers are complicit in that they too are denying rights to individuals the law should rightfully defend. After all isn’t the evil of war actually denial of individual rights justified as a means to a common good? 


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