Personal Manager

The state wants to be my personal manager and I say Go To Hell. Just what is it that makes these people debate a bill to legalize hemp oil and only hemp oil for epileptics. What detail.
What about the cancer patients fighting nausea. Or glaucoma patients. But the bigger question is, “do we need a personal manager?”
As in last night’s discussion on this blog about job shadows, you mean people can’t be expected to see a need and search for options and decide what would work best for them?
As I listened to the news about that disgusting piece of human garbarge, Terry Branstad, wanting to be our personal manager and thinking he can control the world like a mini Henry Kissinger it just angered me so much I knew it had to be here on this blog. Hey Terry! It isn’t about drugs and medical uses. It’s about freedom and critical thinking. It’s about a whole society turning into a mass of stupidity constantly seeking permission from a central authority and never being responsible for anything. The buck stops nowhere.

“The ultimate effect of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools”
…. Herbert Spencer said that in 1891

This video was posted on this blog in its very early days but I met a likable fellow tonight at Hampton’s microbrew, where his fiance was belting out some tremendous folksy music and told him this story (because he once lived in Memphis): I saw Albert King play about 4 times at the Ash Grove on Melrose Ave. in LA. I took My Nana, Mom and sister to see him there too, on Mothers Day. He offered Nana champaigne because she complained about not being allowed by the fascist state to have a bourbon and water in a beer and wine joint. Albert was a kindly gent.
Anyway, on my way home from work one evening at a stoplight next to my Fiat was a big white Cadillac convertible, Albert at the wheel. I yelled, “hey Albert.” He called me Fritz. How cool is that? He asked directions and after he took off from the stop and go light I realized he was in a lane that must turn, taking him the wrong way. I zoomed up and caught him and set him straight. This was in 1967. Little did I know he was at the Maintainance Shop in Ames, Iowa the year our little Muck was born (1981). Woulda been fun to yell at him again.
This song is from his Stax release, Born Under a Bad Sign, with backup band, Booker T and the MGs. He plays a Gibson Flying V upside down and left handed.


6 responses to “Personal Manager

  1. At about $80.00+ per ounce. think Medicaid, or insurance companies will cover this? With no FDA guidelines as to production methods, what will be variance from batch-to-batch as to the essential ingredient (Cannabidiol or CBD)? What consistency will occur in the selection of cannabis plants that might produce differing quantities of Cannabidiol or Cannabidiol of various concentrations? Research indicates that the substance is effective in a very limited percentage of those who suffer from epilepsy.

    This is legislation that is being approved by a no backbone State legislature and governor. It is only a salve intended to silence, at least for awhile, the loud advocates of legalizing marijuana and its derivatives. With the passage of this pseudo law that allows use, with a prescription, of Cannabis Oil, but with no in-State ability to grow, manufacture and sell the essential product, just goes to show the contempt the politicians have for the electorate – we are expected to be satisfied with a law that is so empty of efficient and productive and inexpensive tenets as to be rendered essentially moot.

    • There’s not a lot of money in natural remedies. If the FDA were banned and people had to fend for themselves there’d be healthsplosion. It would put quite a burden on Social Security. The ACA is meant to lighten that load. Ask Charton Heston.

  2. One of the things I appreciate about you, Fritz, is that I never have to wonder about how you “really” feel about an issue. I may not agree, but I applaud your candor. I, too wonder why the scope of the supposed “medical marijuana” legislation was so severely limited.

    • I think they either truly mean well, like the law will stop drug abuse. Or they are connected in some financial way to the profits generated by illegal drugs. There was a study done long ago that has since disappeared that showed Chicago could lay off 80% of the police force if drugs were legalized. Politicians are public servants, so are cops.
      On the wonderinhg thing… short term pain, long term gain.

  3. Thanks for the classic blues. Albert King had such a unique sound because he was pulling strings while right handed guitarists were pushing them. Clapton has said that Albert was the one guitarist whose solos he was never able to learn, due to the differing technique. .

    • We actually bought a DVD! Clapton’s Sessions for Robert Johnson. These guys are pretty good and a pleasurable movie.
      Taj Mahal played there alot too. Supposedly some right wingnut burned the place down. The owner was sorta a commie activist.

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