Can’t seem to leave those Brits alone.

Like my favorite mother-in-law used to say. “Things taste better when yoiu share.” so I offer this. The guy wouldn’t face the audience when I saw him at the Fillmore about the same time as Fleetwood Mac. I kinda resented it at the time.

Then, like a fool I was at Dawn’s community choir’s spring concert today and sat where I couldn’t see her. Sheesh. But I’m telling you, the music was fantastic. I think one of the best choral music concerts I’ve heard. And this is one rag-tag group. Not a lot of solo material. Just some hard work and a good director putting it all together. They exemplify this wonderful community. To top it off a top notch jazz combo played at intermission so I couldn’t get up and stretch my crappy legs. Worth the pain.

2 responses to “Can’t seem to leave those Brits alone.

  1. Van Morrison is one of the great talents of our lifetime. He is also known to be an egomaniac. At least when you saw him he continued to play, even if his back was to the audience. There are stories of him leaving stages in mid-song and refusing to return. But his music is so good it overcomes and endures his bizarre personality.

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