Fleetwood Mac

While I contemplate Fred’s comment on the bundy post, here is the Fleetwood Mac band I was fortunate to hear at the Fillmore many years ago. My sister asked if she should wear her white pants. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I said yes.

There was a Mark Steyn column I remember telling of the hopelessness in his native England for young people facing a future shaped by socialism. The British seem to do the blues pretty well. Like David Bromberg said, “you got to suffer if you want to sing the blues.”

I don’t hate the later FM, but if you crank it up…. the choice is obvious.

2 responses to “Fleetwood Mac

  1. WOW! They all look so young! I can only imagine how different the band’s history might have been if Peter Green had not been so humble as to refuse to name the band after himself (they could have been the original Green Day). And if he had not had so many personal problems – depression & recreational drugs (a bad combination). He is one of the lost heroes of British Blues and the British invasion of American music John McVie is one of the world’s great bassists..

  2. Green and Jeremy Spencer are still around. I DON’T KNOW IF YOU EVER WERE AT cdgbS IN mASON cITY. The guy there, Kevin Schoneman, knew all about everything in the music biz. He had some recent Geen CDs. Pretty good stuff. Jeremy Spencer was on Chrisistian commune in Brazil and re-entering the world about that same time. 5? years ago. The British introduced blues to alot of lilly white punks as a service to humanity. Kevin also ran the Surf Ballroom for awhile. We treasure those few years of major talent so close.

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