Politically incorrect

No doubt, Cliven Bundy has put the Mason City Lenin, Hitler Obama billboard to shame. I’ve had people say to me, “I might not agree all the time, but you make me think.

What Bundy said about the society we’ve produced with a welfare state substituting government for family should be thought provoking, not offensive. But our combative nature makes us take the easy way out. We’d rather hate that dolt than anylize his observations, so we can make a positive contribution. 

By the way. You cannot be anti slavery and pro income tax. So get off your high horse.


17 responses to “Politically incorrect

  1. Please . . . Bundy is the man who said too much. If he’s dumb enough to use black ethnicity to illustrate the point you think he’s trying to make, Fritz, then this suggests that he’s too dumb to develop the harmful welfare state meme that you give him credit for depicting. Bundy is now a pariah and the establishment media that completely ignored the threatening action of the BLM’s jackbooted thugs and that sent zero-number of cameras and reporters to the Bundy ranch will now have a field day characterizing the gun-toting Bundy as a right-wing racist. The establishment media will hold Harry Reid’s comments about Bundy supporters being “domestic terrorists” as very prescient and wise commentary. And FOX News that covered the standoff with on-site reporters and cameras will now be completely silent on the situation. Do you really think that anyone in the establishment media or on FOX News is going to interpret Bundy’s remarks in the same context as you did? No friggin’ way! If one digs sufficiently deep and has a very active imagination, I suppose one could come to the conclusion you did, Fritz, about Bundy’s true intent regarding his comments. But in the media driven and contrived news environment in which we live, Bundy will go down as a black-hating racist. Bundy is an idiot!!

    • Bundy is indeed an idiot! Other news organizations, CNN and CBS had crews covering the initial effort of the BLM to remove the illegally grazing cattle. Their crews, however, generally remained at a distance once the armed militia groups arrived. Bundy’s comments cannot be justified. His view of “freedom” is self serving and disingenuous. His cattle are on public land. that land belongs to us, not Cliven Bundy.

      • Mostly agree. The next time the BLM comes knockin’, we will see how many folks flock to the Bundy ranch to support his position. The welfare/racist remarks aside, there is no doubt that Cliven was, for far too many years, living off of government (reads “taxpayer”) resources and then failing to pay the million dollars that he owes for use of those resources. Eating his cake and having it too, so to write.

        Fritz — Am I the only one who ever responds to your postings? I never see a response from any other reader? Or do I not have something toggled-on correctly in order to see those other responses?

        Best always,


  2. “Do you really think that anyone in the establishment media or on FOX News is going to interpret Bundy’s remarks in the same context as you did?”
    No.And why do you differentiate the establishment media and Fox News?

    • Because FOX News has crafted a reputation among most of the populace that it is a bastion of conservative thought. And others who might read what I wrote would likely make the distinction between FOX and the Jurassic media. I don’t happen to share the narrative that FOX is the conservative voice in the news media. They typically sit on the fence with their “fair and balanced” coverage of news events — they don’t usually take a stand or articulate a specific point-of-view. For me, I find this disingenuous and a clever public image facade. But, from an anecdotal perspective, I play a lot of duplicate bridge and I have heard on numerous occasions the table talk from liberal players who castigate FOX News for how they report. These folks genuinely believe that FOX is right-wing extremist, harbors a hatred of women, the poor, and non-white ethnic groups. You, Fritz, might see no distinction between the MSM and FOX, but most of your readers, I suspect, do embrace a belief that FOX is refreshingly different. That stated, one does have to mention that the only media on-site at the Bundy ranch standoff was FOX with cameras and reporters — and FOX was not sympathetic to the BLM or its actions.

  3. I would also comment that the suggested underlying premise of your and Mr. Bundy’s argument that the government welfare state causes black family erosion or disintegration is a fallacy. There is a much deeper reason that the relatively high numbers of blacks (compared to their total representation in the population) are on the dole and that the black family is almost an oxymoron.

    Certainly the available and almost endless entitlement rewards act as enablers of the black community predicament. And there is no doubt that there exists a coterie of so-called “leaders” in the black community that work tirelessly to keep blacks feeling stupid, inferior, believing that they do not have an ability to compete in the job market, and are the victims of white discrimination. But are these situations the cause of black unrest, immobility, and black family erosion? No, not in my opinion.

    I think the driving force has far deeper roots. There is a reason that 17 out of the 20 poorest countries in the world are in Africa. There is a reason that the once thriving and economically robust South Africa is now a lawless, economically noncompetitive country where white ethnicity is now persecuted by the ruling black authorities. There is a reason that so many of America’s large cities that have filed for bankruptcy or are near bankruptcy appear to be over-represented by mayors and city council members with black ethnicity (and almost all are Democrats). There is a reason that too many police authorities are afraid or reluctant to even enter black enclaves in many of America’s large cities, let alone thoroughly investigate the rampant major crimes that occur. I don’t believe that these situations are precipitated by U.S. government entitlement availability.

    I would also suggest that Asian, East Indian, and Western Europe immigrant ethnicities do not become members of crime ridden enclaves (or ghettos) or become dependent on government entitlements in America. Why aren’t these ethnicities affected by the “welfare state” if, indeed, the welfare state of America is the primary force driving the black ethnicity predicament? Why aren’t the families of these ethnicities eroding with 70% out-of-wedlock births, 50% divorce rates, extraordinarily high numbers of male incarceration, or 67% of unmarried females?

    No, just as a gun can’t pull its own trigger, so too is a welfare state not the driving force behind the disintegration of the black family. Mr. Bundy’s rant was misplaced and by labeling massive entitlement availability as a primary cause of black ethnicity stagnation and black family erosion, both of you are confusing a symptom of the genuine problem with a cause of that problem.

  4. And finally, why don’t media and social commentators address the fact that we really haven’t eliminated slavery of blacks in America. Rather, we have only replaced white slavery of blacks with government entitlement slavery of blacks. The great majority of welfare recipient blacks are no longer the property of wealthy white land or plantation owners. These entitlement recipient blacks are now the property of the government, and more specifically, property of the Democrat party which persists in a vested interest in maintaining that blacks are a group unceasingly persecuted by a white, racist, Republican political party. Apparently among the majority of the black population, it is better for an individual to live as property than as a self-supporting productive member of the greater society. Too bad. But did the welfare state cause this condition? Or does it simply act as an enabler of what would be an inevitable state of affairs if there were no entitlements at all?

  5. Looks like our friend, Stev,e is joining us. Yeah, I’m a little discouraged there isn’t more banter. Maybe it lets me get more done, though.

    You are having an influence on me like I did you before you wrote that Libya tirade. I have to agree with you and Steve (oh! whata combination). Bundy’s own little world is handed to him at someone else’s expense. He lacks tact and knowledge. (the solar power deal is a whole other thing)

    The question I have regarding what you said about the welfare state and the incredible state of the black community is, “why haven’t Asian “leaders” come forward to convince of victimhood for power? Am I understanding you correctly?

  6. Well, regarding Asian, or East Indian, or Western European Immigrant “leaders,” my point was not that these ethnic groups lack exploitative leaders. Rather, they are groups that appear to be made-up of individuals perfectly capable of garnering success in America on their own. It’s because America sees them as individuals, not as a collective group to be maneuvered and prayed-upon for self-serving reasons. Blacks appear to want to be viewed as a group and, for whatever reason, America’s political class and the black, so called, “leaders” want them to remain as a collective group, and not view each other and the white community as clusters of individuals. Most other ethnic groups, including Hispanics (though politicians persistently maneuver to keep Hispanics as a collective class) see themselves and others as individuals and that makes a great deal of difference.

  7. It seems like you are saying the color or race makes them inherantly prone to a group, rather than an individual view of themselves. Like race is the difference, for lack of any other reason. Do you think that goes back to a history of how their forbarers got here, or something else, as opposed to the other groups.?

  8. No, not color or race specifically, but how the individual behavior of members of the black community have been and are exhibited. Their past, and to a large extent their present, individual behavior leads the outside world to view them as a collective and treat them as such. They have lost any perception from others of a group of individual identities. In the past, they would be viewed as a “race.” But now “race” has been replaced with “class.” Class is just another, perhaps less offensive, name for a collective and this nation was founded on the idea of individual responsibility and individual opportunity. It is one reason why the Founding Fathers were so fearful of a Democracy. In a Democracy, individualism goes out the window. Skin color or your “race” label are irrelevant to me.

    • Yes, Stephen, I now see that. Too bad. We could get some lively banter going. Though, I don’t know the breath of his mailing list. Maybe we’re the only two to whom he’s emailing. In that case, Fritz gets a 100% response.

      • There are about 240 that get the column by email. I don’t get much feedback. You two are the only ones who comment on the blog very often.And you are (for the ske of conversation) of different points of view. If I were to only pick two, you’d be it.

  9. I do think that some groups have a history that contributes to their continuing struggles as a class, race, or whatever other division branding word we may use. Blacks and Native-Americans suffer, bearing the baggage and burdens of the past. That being said, it does not excuse the actions or inactions of the individual. A person may have no choice as to history, or even the conditions of his/her birth, but he/she does have a choice as to what he/she does with the the life given.

    • When individuals act in the same manner repeatedly and on a mass scale, either historically or in the present, they lose their individuality and the “group” to which they belong becomes a “class.” In the case of black Americans, the “class” in the modern age has been replaced by the media and the exploiters of the black “condition” with the term “race,” even though from an anthropological or social science standpoint, the term “race” is no longer used to differentiate ethnicity or in the understanding of human variation. But in the media and among the exploiters, “race” is a much more inflammatory descriptor and serves well the sensationalist narrative that they want to convey.

  10. 240 is a healthy number of subscribers. Would be a lot more fun if more folks provided comments. An array of differing opinions would make writing these both educationally productive and entertaining. Thanks for the update.

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