Racism just won’t go away

I don’t really have an agenda concerning racism. But the people who supposedly abhor it seem to be the ones who dwell on it. As Marcus pointed out at a secret meeting of a secret club, if we are supposed to be race neutral, as a nation (guided by the blessed hand of that mysterious perfection), why are we asked on government forms to specify our race (or gender)? Public radio is particularly obsessed with race. Anything that works does inspite of racism and anything that doesn’t,doesn’t because of racism.

Once again groups versus individuals explains a lot of it. Really, when you meet someone of a different race do you really relate to them differently, like putting your hand on your wallet or Derringer.

I heard most of an interview with a comedian on Fresh Air today and the guy was really insightful. I’ll share by offering this link:  http://www.npr.org/2014/04/21/305509473/for-comic-hari-kondabolu-explaining-the-joke-is-the-joke

3 responses to “Racism just won’t go away

  1. Really, Fritz?? Pray tell, exactly how, or in what area, were the remarks by this pseudo comedian insightful? He seems to be playing the victim role to me. He was “working as an immigrant rights organizer . . .” Read, “illegal alien,” not “immigrant,” or perhaps you’d prefer “dreamer.” Why do people who have illegally entered the country have any rights at all, except for the right to a speedy trial or hearing? And any “comedian” who has to explain his jokes is not a funny person . . . not a “comedian.” He sounds to me more like an angry progressive who, through his attempt at comedy, politicizes his litany of petty personal grievances. Insightful? No, I don’t think so. Pathetic is a better adjective.

  2. I guess I didn’t read into his bit quite the same things or intensity you did. I didn’t find him complaining about a lack of opportunity or “rights” so much as interesting situations and a human interest side. His observation that 2042 will be declared by Census as the end of the white majority might be insightful, in that the rest of “them” are not one race.

    But then I’m an open borders kinda guy. I’m no statist who thinks the government needs to protect me from job competition or competition for government handouts that should not be available to anyone anyway.

    Lack of emigration to welfarist countries is the bigger problem.

    • Not intensity. I saw no intensity in what he wrote or stated. I just didn’t see anything that was insightful. The 2042 forecast, regarding a tipping point where Western European citizens in the U.S. become a minority, is not new information. The decline of fertility rates among Western Europeans in the U.S. over the last twenty, or so, years clearly makes the downward trend obvious. And immigration policy, and lack of enforcement of existing immigration laws, makes it abundantly clear that those entering (either legally or otherwise), and those who have entered, the country are mostly unskilled, culturally adverse to American practices, dependent on government largess, and the vast majority vote Democrat. U.S. immigration policy is all about stacking the deck toward a statist mentality. I frankly saw nothing new in this person’s rants and/or comedy (if you can call it comedy when one has to explain his/her attempt at making a joke). What is perhaps unique about him is that he is an East Indian attempting to engage in an occupation (stand-up comedian) where folks of his ethnicity are seldom seen.

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