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We named our dog after Walter E. Williams. Walter is a wise man with a clear view of the world. Plus, he seems to have been either fired from filling in for Rush Limbaugh or quit. Either way of distancing himself (while sacrificing exposure of his important ideas) from Rush is a valuable endorsement. The article I’ve linked to here will prolly be a great handicap for me in acceptance of The Alternative, which is due tomorrow morning. It is never good to have the best act come first. But it will be a welcome challenge.

Walter actually taught me a valuable lesson. A caller to Rush’s show said, “How can you stand to vote for Bush?” Walter explained that the vote is merely a game of little consequence. It is the ideas that matter.

Not that I could have voted for Bush. I’m staunchly pro-life.

Here is Walter’s article:


One response to “Link to Walter

  1. Like so many political commentators who criticize “government” (isn’t government a group of individuals? Why not specifically name those with whom he disagrees and cite the specific actions of individuals? Government is a nebulous, inanimate structure), Walter Williams can cherry-pick the actions about which he disagrees and criticize those elements of an amorphous system and never offer-up any solutions or alternatives. He’s just another allegedly conservative commentator without original ideas as to how to correct the devil-policies he’s taking to task. Yes, as his historical, carefully culled (and perhaps exaggerated) stats suggest, some “leaders” were despots with murderous policies. But he fails to make his point regarding how a Stalinist Russia or a Hitler Germany or a Mao China connects to current experience, the existing “world view” or to leaders of America or other countries. Not much unique about Walter Williams.

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