Cry Me a River

OK. The people of Ukraine vote for a pro Russian leader. The US government along with its controllers, nostalgic for Cold War prosperity, will have nothing of it. So the Neo-Nazis are put in power to oppose the “Russian take over”.

Cry Me a River votes similarly, to ally with Russia, and it is characterized as a Russian take over by the lap-dog media dictated to by disappointed Cold War profiteers.

Our (not me but the US government. “our” only used as a communication tool) meddling in the affairs of foreign countries costs us in ways too far reaching for many to comprehend. 9-11. 

That’s right. An example, 9-11.

Instead of calling Obombya wimpy because his threats have no teeth. And hypocritical, “bigger nations cannot simply bully smaller ones,” let’s just call him a fake, partying on our dime and causing damage that makes drunk drivers look like the Good Samaritan.


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