Letter to WSJ about Tim Cook advocating for the Employment Nondiscrimination Act

If Tim Cook (Workplace Equality Is Good for Business, 11/04/13 Journal) is so concerned about “human dignity and civil rights” does he think employers are not human or do they not qualify for civil rights on some other grounds? Would he be in favor of a government mandate for him to hire Nazis and homophobes to make it fair?


If it is so beneficial to his business to extend these courtesies to all employees why would he want the Employment Nondiscrimination Act to force his competitors to have the same advantages as his own business?


If we take rights from one to benefit another, they are no longer rights they are theft.


One response to “Letter to WSJ about Tim Cook advocating for the Employment Nondiscrimination Act

  1. Tim Cook is openly gay and thus his viewpoints are influenced by his need to have the populace affirm that his lifestyle is completely normal. A part of this is a demonstration that he harbors no bias toward any ethnicity or minority group. To demonstrate his “fairness” toward everyone, he advocates the extremes of his love of diversity, and since he is the face of Apple, Inc., exhibits over-the-top behavior in establishing Apple as a poster child for his misguided convictions. He embraces the statist zeitgeist of an altruistic philosophy, or an “otherism” society, where everyone else is more important then you. The concept of self-interest and personal ambition is completely foreign to Cook’s and his ilk.

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