Priate Land is better cared For

Here is a letter I sent to the War Street Journal today:

Dear Editor,

Regarding Jonathan Kahnoski’s letter about the greenies wishing to exclude ordinary people from federal land to “preserve” it, he gets it right almost until the end. He agrees with the environmentalists that privatization would be negative. But privatization would indeed be the best way to preserve and share that land with everyone.

Look around at how private land is treated as opposed to federal land. Weyerhaeuser and Ted Turner come to mind. Ownership is the best route to good care.

As far as access to the public, private ownership would best regulate to avoid “the tragedy of the commons.” Private owners could balance traffic with fees to determine who really cares enough to visit. The fees could go toward improving low impact access in order to provide profit.

This balancing act provided by private property in a free market trumps government control for access and preservation both.


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